4-Band Puzzle Ring Silver
4-Band Puzzle Ring Gold
4-Band Puzzle Ring Tri-Color Gold
4-Band Puzzle Ring White Gold
6-Band Puzzle Ring Silver
6-Band Puzzle Ring Gold
6-Band Puzzle Ring Tri-Color Gold
8-Band Puzzle Ring Silver
8-Band Puzzle Ring Gold
8-Band Puzzle Ring Tri-Color Gold
7-Day Ring Gold
7-Day Ring Silver
Chief's Ring Gold
Chief's Ring Silver
Diamond-Cut Gold Cartouche
Diamond-Cut Silver Cartouche
Evil Eye Bracelets
Evil Eye Choker
Evil Eye Earrings
Evil Eye Jewelry
Evil Eye Pendents
Filigree Gold Cartouche
Filigree Silver Cartouche
Four Seasons Ring Gold
Four Seasons Ring Silver
Four-Sided Gold Cartouche
Four-Sided Silver Cartouche
Four-Sided See-Through Gold Cartouche
Four-Sided See-Through Silver Cartouche
Gold 7-Day Ring
Gold Cartouches
Gold Chains
Gold Chief's Ring
Gold Spinning Rings
Gold & White Gold Spinning Ring
Horizontal Gold Cartouche
Horizontal Silver Cartouche
Jewelry Cleaning Information
Jewelry Information
Name Plate Gold Cartouche
Name Plate Silver Cartouche
Nugget Ring Silver
Nugget Ring Gold
Nugget Ring Tri-Color Gold
Puzzle Rings Silver
Puzzle Rings Gold
Puzzle Ring 4-Piece Gold
Rope Style Gold Cartouche
Rope Style Silver Cartouche
Rose Puzzle Ring Gold
Rose Puzzle Ring Silver
Rose Puzzle Ring Tri-Color Gold
See-Through Gold Cartouche
See-Through Silver Cartouche
Silver Cartouches
Silver With Gold Letters Cartouche
Silver Rings
Sterling Silver Puzzle Rings
Spinning Rings Gold
Spinning Ring Silver
Sterling Silver Cartouches
Sterling Silver Rings
Straight-Sided Gold Cartouche
Three-Sided Front Gold Cartouche
Three-Sided Front Silver Cartouche
Three-Sided Gold Cartouche
Three-Sided Silver Cartouche
Tri-Color 7-Day Ring
Turkish Products
All Jewelry is
hand-made in Turkey.
Guaranteed to be
authentic and of the
highest quality.
Owner  and Operator
Melinda Roth