AND MORE
Owner  and Operator
Melinda Roth
All Jewelry is
hand-made in Turkey.
Guaranteed to be
authentic and of the
highest quality.

1. Design your coin and email your design to me at
admin@cartouchesandmore.com. Your design can be
pictures, such as jpeg or gif, or a drawing that you scanned.
2. Approve or make changes to the preliminary coin picture I
send back to you.
3. Pick up or I will mail your coins approximately two weeks
after your approval once payment is received.

*Cost is $7.75 per coin. There are no additional fees for
artwork or plates.
*Minimum order of 50 coins is required. There may be
additional pricing discounts for 100 or more coins ordered.
*At  least half down is required to order. Full payment is due
upon completion before coins are picked up or mailed.
*All coins come with a plastic case.

Feel free to call or email me with questions.