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Owner  and Operator
Melinda Roth
Guaranteed to be
authentic and of the
highest quality.
They are sturdy and strong.  Note the sides are closed so your
coins do not roll out.  They are all a dark walnut in color,
measurement in length and width vary slightly. The length for
the short holders vary from 10-11 inches. The long vary in
length from 18-19 inches . All short holders hold 5 coins per row
and long hold 10 coins per row.
Coin Holder Large 2 Row
Holds 20 coins
Coin Holder Large 3 Row
Holds 30 Coins
Coin Holder Large 4 Row
Holds 40 Coins
Coin Holder Large 5 Row
Holds 50 coins
Coin Holder Large 6 Row
Holds 60 Coins